We’re dedicated to improving access to credit for all

Social Impact
Our artificial intelligence (AI) lending marketplace is designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending for our bank and credit union partners. We believe our AI model is one of the most accurate, fair, and inclusive underwriting models in the market, and helps make the credit system more accessible, affordable, and secure. With Upstart AI, lenders can approve more applicants at lower rates across races, ages, and genders. This improves the financial health of Americans and unlocks opportunity for them. You can read our latest Access to Credit Report here.  

We believe that the responsible use of AI requires careful stewardship of the technology by all parties involved. Upstart has played a leadership role in the technology industry by collaborating with regulators, lawmakers, civil society groups, banks and credit unions, and technology providers to bring transparency and accountability to mitigating AI bias. To learn more about our fair lending efforts, advocacy work, and more, visit here.  

Human Capital Management
Our team is composed of smart, humble, and innovative problem solvers who have the opportunity to accelerate their careers in the fintech industry while working towards a shared social good. Equity and inclusion underpin everything we do in the people programs we build. We are committed to investing in our employees and building an environment that works for all. Our company culture and workforce are described in detail on pages 24-25 of our Annual Report on Form 10-K, available here. To learn more about our values and culture, visit here

Corporate Governance 
Upstart’s Board of Directors consists of top experts from financial services and technology industries with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Our board consists of six independent directors and two of our founders. The following chart provides information about the diversity of our Board.

Board Diversity Matrix
Total Number of Directors 8  
  Female Male
Part I: Gender Identity    
Directors 3 5
Part II: Demographic Background    
African American or Black 1 1
Alaskan Native or Native American - -
Asian American 1 1
Hispanic or Latinx - -
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander - -
White 2 3
Two or More Races or Ethnicities 1 -
LGBTQ+ - -
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background - -

Visit here for the composition of each committee of our Board and here for our governance documents and committee charters. 

Our executive officers and non-employee directors are subject to stock ownership guidelines. Our current executive officers and non-employee directors are expected to hold Upstart shares with values per the bulleted guidelines below by January 1, 2028. Future executive officers and non-employee directors will need to comply within five years of when their service starts.
●    Chief Executive Officer — Five times annual base salary
●    Other Executive Officers — Two times annual base salary
●    Non-Employee Directors — Three times annual base cash retainer

Our corporate governance practices and policies are described in detail on pages 9-22 of our Proxy Statement, available here.

We seek to reduce our environmental impact by promoting sustainable practices. Our San Mateo, CA office building is LEED Gold certified. Our San Mateo and Columbus, OH offices are within walking distance to mass transit, which we encourage through commuter benefits we offer to our employees. At our San Mateo office, we compost food scraps and we reduce waste and help fight hunger by working with a vendor that donates leftover food to local charitable organizations.